June 15, 2016

PowerSM 1.4 released (Solidworks IPS/MMGS inconsistency)

For some time in the past, I've been battling with the IPS/MMGS conversion bug in the PowerSM add-in. 

Strangely enough, - and I have not been able to check this with the support team, SolidWorks's interface for the ICustomBendAllowance does seem operate in meters only. Even if you change the Measurement System inside of the part to IPS, the Bend Allowance/Deduction properties return values in meters.

One's knee-jerk reaction would be the verify that measurement units but after doing so, the issue remained the same. 

Anyhow, I've managed to work around this bug and the add-in works fine.

You can download at this address: https://github.com/jliliamen/power-sm/releases/tag/1.4

Thanks for reading!

I wanted to investigate this issue further so I opened new thread in the SolidWorks API on this unit inconsistency. Apparently SolidWorks uses the (Meter, Kilogram, Second) unit system almost exclusively.

Almost all SolidWorks API methods are using system units which are MKS (meter, kilogram, second). Source
True. Not all the properties/methods use MKS. Units are a little bit mixed up. I personally think SWX was correct to use the international measurement system however, as a far as mechanical engineer care, it's more convenient to use mm instead of meters (or inches for US/UK).

Sheet Metal wise, here's the break down of the properties that do not use the MKS.

ICustomBendAllowance:BendAllowance -> Meters regardless of the part's unit System.
ICustomBendAllowance:BendDeduction -> Meters regardless of the part's unit System.
ICustomBendAllowance:KFactor -> Ratio

My reaction is: :S

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